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    Black Authors : SURVIVAL SKILLS

    Hi! Thank you both for the warm welcome. Destee, I would love to do a reading, but first I must purchase some decent speakers and locate the microphone that came with the computer when I purchased it in 1998. Most of the accessories have been misplaced because I share the computer with my...
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    Black Authors : SURVIVAL SKILLS

    Hi, I want to inform you of the recent release of my first children's, mystery novel entitled, "A CHILD'S INTUITION." The book will soon be coming to bookstores in your neighborhoods; but since it is a new release, for the first couple of weeks, it can only be ordered from the online...
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    Black Poetry : FINDING LOVE

    While thinking about how we sometimes find ourselves giving more than we receive, I was inspired to write this poem. FINDING LOVE Finding Love means finding someone who compliments yourself. Finding love means finding someone who enhances your mental health. Finding love means...