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  • Brother Clyde Coger ... you are so sweet ... and we are all the more richer, because God has blessed us so abundantly, with you ... :love:

    Thank you for your concern. Yes, i am fine, doing great, all the days have been good. As you know, my life is changing so much, and that includes here in the community too. It's been such a big part of my life these many years, and still is, but it too is transitioning. The transition is really good, great even, something we've been working toward for many months. So if it looks like i'm not around as much, or something like that, please don't worry. It's all part of the plan. The entire Moderating TEAM is at your disposal, along with the rest of the Family ... and they all have you too ... so even without me, all will be well. I'm confident of that! So don't you be worrying about me, i'm still here, just not as much ... matter of fact ... let's just be honest ... Sister Purple, Sister Queen, and Brother $$RICH$$ have kicked me out of the community! :lol:

    But i will be allowed to come visit every now and again ... say hi and stuff ... but back in the basement i must go! :)

    Awwwww Brother Clyde ... you're a sweet heart ... :love:

    Please keep giving all the love that you do, for it is sorely needed amongst our people.

    I know what it's done for me ... it has healing power.

    Thank You ... Love You!


    Thank you Bro. Clyde, but thats because I'm standing next to you....b/c Bro. you shine bright! Thank you again for your kind words.
    Brotha Clyde the Glide... we are on for Thursday. Same bat time, Same bat channel. We can be in and out for about an hour or less, no problem.
    okay so i am going to order your book (i assume i can get it in the store) I will look at the bottom of the Destee Home page and see if you have a site I can go to. Maybe if the bookclub comes together, we can start with your book...might as well support the family first.....I look forward to the read.
    by the way..I don't see many (if any) posts of yours...share yourself brother...share...
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