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    Black Spirituality Religion : Jesus/Yeshua ben Pandira - Fictional Characters

    Pure Enlightenment Hetep Bredren, As familiar as I thought I was with KMT, you both brought a higher level of understanding with these blogs! I give thanks, Kamal Imani Amen! Hetep!
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    Black Women : Lovin Her Nappy Nappy Spoken Soul Video and Song by Kamal Imani

    Peace Family, I thought you might be interested in the spoken soul tribute to natural hair and beauty “Lovin Her Nappy Nappy” by Kamal Imani. You can find the new video and song at and Sincerely, Kamal...
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    Black Poetry : Iran to Iraq (State of Emergency) KamalSupreme

    We're in a state of emergency move with urgency for power This is the final hour-people got to understand we been catchin hell since we fell in this land so I ran to I raq to attack an a-rab that grabbed his brothers oil and found myself in turmoil on holy soil mecca medina the so...
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    Black Poetry : Message To The Electromagnetics-Kamal Supreme

    This is a message to the electromagnetics you have melanin adrenaline so just let it flow like the blue nile No time to be blue now cause we aint through now whether in the high tech plantation corporation or the penal System just listen while we sway we want revolution today by the...