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    Black People : Explain With A Scientific Reason Why "Black" People Are Dying Of COVID-19 More - Rapper Stefflon Don

    Stephanie Victoria Allen, popularly known as Stefflon Don, has posed a question to her 2.4m Instagram followers. The British rapper who is dating Nigerian superstar, Burna Boy, wants a scientific explanation as to why more black people are dying of COVID-19. While reacting to her question...
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    Black Entertainment : 'All In Challenge': Rapper Meek Mill Donates His Rolls Royce Phantom For COVID-19 Fundraiser

    Robert Rihmeek Williams, popularly known as Meek Mill, has donated his 2018 Rolls Royce Phantom to help feed millions of under privileged people around the world as the coronavirus continues to spread. If you recall, Michael Rubin, co-owner of the Philadelphia 76ers, had earlier announced this...
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    Black Entertainment : "Kobe So Powerful" - Meek Mill Reveals How The Whole Club Started Chanting Deceased Five-time NBA Champion's Name While He Was Performing In The Club

    Celeb News Today: Meek Mill Reveals Whole Club Started Chanting "Kobe" While He Was Performing In The Club The world was thrown into mourning when TMZ broke the news that Los Angeles Lakers icon and five-time NBA champion, Kobe Bryant, had died in a helicopter crash in Calabasas, California...
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    Black People : “I Can Never Understand A Broke Woman That Want A Chanel Bag As A Gift” – Meek Mill

    A lot of people are faking that lifestyle and as such, can’t cope with everyday life because they live way above their means. That attitude has got Meek Mill taking to Twitter to share his thoughts. The rapper wrote, “I can never understand a broke woman that want a Chanel bag as a gift … tell...
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    Black Positive People : The Obamas Celebrate Thanksgiving With Rare Family Photo

    The Obamas are have joined so many in celebrating Thanksgiving with a rare family photo. Michelle shared the sweet snap on her Instagram page which also featured her husband, Barack Obamaand their now grown up daughters Malia and Sasha. "From our family to yours, #HappyThanksgiving!" Mrs...
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    Black Entertainment : Drake Booed Off Stage At Tyler, The Creator’s festival Camp Flog Gnaw, Here's Why

    Tyler, The Creator’s festival Camp Flog Gnaw ended last night with fans ensuring Drake got booed. They were expecting a surprise headline slot to be filled with a big name with rumours that it would be Frank Ocean. However, the crowd ended up being disappointed when Drake showed up alongside...
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    Black Entertainment : Lupita Nyong’o Reveals This Shocking Thing a Makeup Artist Once Told Her About Her Dark Skin

    If you follow the activities of Lupita Nyong’o, then you know she isn't shy at all when it comes to discussing her experiences as a dark-skinned black woman growing up and as a Hollywood star. During a recent sit-down with Oprah Winfrey, the actress disclosed a remark a makeup artist recently...
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    Black People Politics : Current News USA Today: Ben Carson Ruthlessly Mocked For Opening White House Cabinet Meeting With Prayer Thanking God For Trump

    The Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson, is unapologetic when it comes to supporting Donald Trump. In fact, he got ruthlessly mocked for opening a White House Cabinet meeting Monday with a prayer thanking God for the President of the United States. It wasn't difficult to switch...
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    Black Entertainment : LisaRaye McCoy Says Duane Martin "Stole" Her Husband From Her

    It's no longer news that there are quite a number of people who believe that Duane Martin is a gay lord. They point at his unusually close friendship with actor Will Smith. This time, LisaRaye McCoy has blamed him saying Martin "stole" her husband the former chief minister of the Turks and...
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    Black Entertainment : Again, Cardi B Responds To People Questioning Her Race And Ethnicity - ""How Do You Act Like A Black Woman?"

    Cardi B has been dragged into the Gina Rodriguez controversy. The self-described Afro-Latina had to respond to a Twitter user that claimed she never accepted being a Black woman. It was then that the "I Like It" hitmaker asked, "How do you act like a Black woman? How do Black women act?" The...
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    Health and Wellness : Acne Treatment At Home: 10 Easy Ways To Get Rid Of Pimples

    If you want to get rid of pimples fast, these home remedies will help you. There are several acne treatment that you can use to ensure you no longer have to deal with people who stare at you or ask embarrassing questions. The truth is if you have acne, there is no need to panic.This skin...
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    Black Relationships : Black Women Should Allow Black Men To Have Side Chicks – Mo’Nique

    No doubt, the comedienne has received enormous support from the black community for her great work. People stood by her even when the industry failed to recognize her and not to mention, when Netflix tried to play her. In between all these, Mo’Nique has tried shedding some weight while making...
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    Black Entertainment : Snoop Dogg Shows Black Love By Thanking His Wife For Being With Him "Through The Ups And Downs Smiles And Frowns"

    Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr., popularly known as Snoop Dogg showed his wife, Shante Monique Broadus, some major black love on Instagram.