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    Black Spirituality Religion : Archaeology and the Old Testament Yahweh Ṣebaot Inscription This limestone inscription from a burial cave in Judah c. 800–750 B.C.E. is written in Paleo-Hebrew script and reads...
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    Black Ancestors : RIP - Keita Otiba Kenyatta (08.13.1956 - 02.06.2015)

    No, Destee, I didnt speak of her before. But my heart and prayers go out for the child now just as I prayed for her when Queen passed. It's a hard thing to lose both parents so young and so close together. God bless and keep her.
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    Black Spirituality Religion : My Scripture For Today

    Fear not! Gen 15:[1] After these things the word of the LORD came unto Abram in a vision, saying, Fear not, Abram: I am thy shield, and thy exceeding great reward. Deut. 31:[6] Be strong and of a good courage, fear not, nor be afraid of them: for the LORD thy God, he it is that doth go with...
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    African American History Culture : Rose Fortune Play, FORTUNE
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    Black Entertainment : GOSPEL EXPLOSION..

    Save A Seat For Me
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    Black Ancestors : RIP - Keita Otiba Kenyatta (08.13.1956 - 02.06.2015)

    Adopted or not, that doesn't minimize or negate her as his daughter. He gave her his name and raised her for most of her life. Makeda is well-known on this site to long-time members. She was known/introduced as Queen & Keita's daughter. I don't know her but I remember them both speaking of her...
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    Black Ancestors : RIP - Keita Otiba Kenyatta (08.13.1956 - 02.06.2015)

    My prayers for his daughter, Makeda Niambi Kenyatta. Only 5 years ago, she lost her mother, Sister QueenTswana, around this same time of the year and now her father. How hard this must be on her. She's only 19 years old now, on the cusp of womanhood and without mother & father. May God and...
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    Black Women : Sisters - Can You Discuss Your Collective Failures? - (Only Sisters Post Please)

    He’s Your Son, NOT Your Man! Posted by Alexis Ford on Nov 21, 2014 I can’t help but cringe at the captions “My Little Man,” “Man of the house,” or “my husband” underneath pictures of someone’s son. This disturbing behavior seems to worsen as finding a good man becomes more and more difficult...
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    African American History Culture : Memories of The Savoy - Harold Slappy

    StoryCorps Griot: Slappy's Days at the Savoy NOVEMBER 06, 2007 This week's installment of the StoryCorps Griot initiative features Harold Slappy. Born in 1912, Slappy recalls his longtime love for the island of Manhattan. He has lived almost a century in New York City. At a StoryCorps booth...
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    Black Entertainment : GOSPEL EXPLOSION..

    God Is Standing By
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    Black People : Africa Day Quotes

    "Who can be born Black and not exult!" Mari Evans