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    Sister Destee how have you been? It's been a while but I'm glad to be back. I see many changes...

    Sister Destee how have you been? It's been a while but I'm glad to be back. I see many changes so I'll browse around to get my feel of things again
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    Black Poetry : Arm piece

    Dime piece or timepiece Wrist watch or wrist lock She's fitting like my favorite And yes I do play favorites Her scent is so flagrant I inhale deeply It's intoxicating Waiting, impatiently waiting For my favorite timepiece dime piece To lock hands and wrist Having her on my arm My favorite charm...
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    Black Poetry : Returning Home

    ..Hahahahahah Its funny because im usually in a hat miss ya sis
  4. my Drive

    my Drive

  5. Cheers


  6. just the 2 of us

    just the 2 of us

  7. Mr Poetic n Family

    Mr Poetic n Family



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    Black Poetry : Returning Home

    I wrote myself a letter so I could remember where I called home I knew one day I would or could possibly become lost a soul with out a body a perennial nobody A traveler among travelers seemly paying the cost So as i read this letter to myself I realize that I was never truly alone Everywhere i...
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    Black Poetry : Just Venting

    Your very deep my brother Very DEEP!
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    Khasm13 : from the cradle to to slave....

    Feeling the point of view poet
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    Black Poetry : 40 acres and some bull-ish........

    This is that "WAKE UP" call type stuff but I wonder who really wanto to fight or who wants to just get along! Great write my brother, Great Write
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    Black Poetry : Queen T

    A heart cracks like concrete on the street Footprints in the sand of the queen and the lords feet Heavy rain Heavy pain Feverish pitched cries towards the skies Why oh why? While watching the clouds form into her eyes A Queen flies within the heavens wow, the Angeles hit lucky 7's...
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    Black Poetry : Name Your Poet~Pick Me!

    Beautifully placed my sister and yes the Queen is missed, loved and will never be forgotten.
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    Black Poetry : No Love Lost

    Short Tight and to te POINT! but better than the above it was also ON POINT!:toast: