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    Black Poetry : At the time

    Does Dark Matter Bo Bo has been quite kind Trying to get included on the find Then it come to the forefront Performed then w/ a kunt named a saint Happening now cause ain't goin' no where Bringing everything through in order to share Stories of Bo always coming up Out she's already there what's...
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    Black Poetry : Look at Me

    Taking myself too seriously hu? My fieriousness has not let me down instantaneously Walk them stairs as a jokes runway You do it I'm on my way If something to do & be seen to be doing accessible The walk of shame no longer probable Everyone having a reason why But who makes that sigh The gram...
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    Black Poetry : My Partner in crime

    The good kind I crave The only other one I understand Having to smoke a spliff w/ my fav Having to hold the phone while I stand Up for what I want & who I need Why not me do we agree Heart feeling a wave lost rain forest Burnt down once now again just to see Me being heard I need A Man To see my...
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    Black Poetry : Does it matter?

    To me of course If put as so of course Begins at the start You & I never apart Thems it just some Tims u/ wearing Change up if u/ be gorgin' Or wear them The ones that matter Through the coarse actions of life's lovin'
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    Black Poetry : Make sure

    As we go on Can we bid a forgone To not being assured Before the patience is forged The committee of sure deodorant Used as a sweat deterrent Was once actualized beforehand To be able to do the job at hand Realization was naturally aware So why wait until foreseen Failure shows some hair Bore...
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    Black Poetry : Inside My Mind

    Hello your poetry is great. I was wondering are you Uncle Charlie? The picture that shows for you. If not do you love his music, do u know him? What is it?
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    Black Poetry : Life's Line

    Taking this public Yet continuing private Being stuck in A way to define All not invited to be recognized Lines always crossing through Rather straight up or curvy @ best Someplaces only lines can contaminate Being caused by over consumption Hoarders are a reason Our libraries are kept as a pawn...
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    Black Poetry : Off repellent

    Spray me not Please don't shot How can I get you to stop Defending myself has been a flop What I mean is My skin seems to send a hiss My repellent is shining Show me up but off is on when finding Tonights gonna be heated Them uniforms w/ protection also have been seated As the ones that have to...
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    Black Poetry : Insects

    Not one to judge Or Do I judge Please member me as free My forefathers state daily In that mirror of life & lies This has yet to surcome what flies Around me as a swirm evidently liking me Get use to what you got Can't judge me cause I forgot The stings has prone my skin to thickness Thoughts...
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    Black Poetry : As I am

    Why go over for a visit Of how the time of now sits Customely can always be better But depending on the lather There will always be folks that would rather Ask me if my words led my life in becoming the somebody I am Sanely I am viewed as painly or plainly I do admit myself as I am Time had let...
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    Black Poetry : @ rest

    Put arrest Crazy right this fist Finding out as its here Put it down not exactly love but fear for it Why you enter as so Don't you yet know to never no No to me so it goes down as a sorrow through sparrows Back yard hunting so expects bow & arrows What kind is found as being so We make things...
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    Black Poetry : Question Me not

    How u/ gon read me Picking Me up one last time Placing me in your lap Nickname coming out as a different chap As we grow in time bubbles begin to happen Remembering like a lock of hair slowly becoming one Breaking to roll the best one up as a first Coincidently feeling your moist fist in my hand...
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    Black Poetry : Virtuality

    The real has come As the world is @ war no home Ask me where I'm coming from Another King has publicly won the Award for some All has now been seen as politics cont. to be the schism Pieces of our soul now unconsciously set afire a fathom Our size realistically & naturally is defined to...
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    Black Poetry : Got Heart

    Fund me poem I gotta get this right Cause I'm needing that fresh sunlight Asking so nicely I'm not trying to be silly Please let me see some funds Fall into place as blessing elude the feds Not wanting to attend the observance Wanting to be more open for future perseverance Can you read me...
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    Black Poetry : Got Heart

    To make it how you see it Now you know how to make it fit Viewing the beat it's gonna go to Somehow like an uncontrolled suit case back balance won't go Beating though when lost And frost being the admission cost 2019 got inside home owner insurance Break down gets its rinse Membering clubs...