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    Black Poetry : America built on

    Mean tough soil When the rain goes upon us Our planted food comes up for show Depending on the human force Where the energies are wrapped like foil For the duty of our future nutrients As seasons come around traditions of sacrifices become known As day becomes night And Night becomes day Working...
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    Black Poetry : Own your birthday

    It's today that was black as hell Being read to come out my shell Bring it on said not to fail My stars finally come to sail Through the skies lining up the discussions Societies also lining up the energies fruition's Searching the streets for someone looking like me Boom Bang Boom there she be...
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    Black Poetry : Happens when?

    When it happens I am in love with my life's patten Making my trademark known As I grown w/in the circle shown The C for captivation Noticing my actions through generations Excepting the strength of own Finally becoming a chocolate tone As soon as it is given away at all cost to you Having the...
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    Black Poetry : To resolve

    How my resolutions have not been to real When I ponder everything I have & still need to resolve on the reel My time line goes on & on which helps me revolve Spreading my inhibition as cinnamon w/ toast shoved Around my plate waiting for the final sawgy bite I will do what I can in this denial...
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    Black Poetry : Do you know?

    Seeing the real no This ain't phoney it's face to face for show When coming up like tuning in on my sony Finally coming in as a steady hands are prone Push bask no for show View what I know To me getting my pay through venmo Since 2020 has approached our have to know Stands ultimently others bow...
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    Black Poetry : Write up the T

    The biggest gossiper is the winner Been known to mess up the game I swear When the time comes I will step outside the circle forms Letting go as a gamble for that money The mixture of the between the legs sometimes looks phoney The sense of keeping it for yourself Only some get in for everyone's...
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    Black Poetry : Coming around to 2020

    Thank You Destee for providing us with a great active forum year after year. Happy 2020 to you too:toast:
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    Black Poetry : Coming around to 2020

    These days sights seem to be unforgettable History has formed many mysteries which were unfathomable At one time or another we felt tested Getting past my indepth need to get noticed Although eye surgery is the way for my beings perfection As my attempt of admitting others opinions We use to...
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    Black Poetry : Coin Me

    The need to be named A loaner with no shame Calling out fast the whole cast Of course listening for the me first Pushing out the trending letters Never recognizing the birthers Just taking on the here & now How this being is looked like to sow The name comes flowing as coins run out my coat...
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    Black Poetry : If only

    There was a way All of us come together today The stars meet up to play A reality of never being at bay Everyone recognizing there is not going astray Disagreements soon to be moved day after day The continuous simple light being another day As dark seems to stay plugged as a rechargeable...
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    Black Poetry : Get underneath

    Violations on the streets Someone yells get down & hold your feets Only heat coming from a chain of guns Everyone going underneath their coats to be shown I have one too A back & forth begins w/ only two War breaks out I run & disregard the shouts My friend continuously ducks behind cars Hoping...
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    Black Poetry : None of our rights are absolute

    Depending on what type of rights are spoke about How & where the about scouts Fights do break out of the built foundation "So Called" founding fathers then accessed the situation As a write of what's needs to be done now Then all where not held accountable to the quantum show Your...
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    Black Poetry : Silent majority

    How **** can change Depending on your time range Use to be an expected duo The house now moving to be full of um never solo Scared supposed irish is mixed w/ a few Ain't finding no reasons to show Up as my facial recognition when attending work Attending as a motion identified as my funk...
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    Black Poetry : Taking it away

    When certain things seem to happen to me My big brown eyes recognize the gee Trying to go out the way I came in Sometimes exit blocks by all about my sin Other times sick again not membering other ways out First sentence tends to be a shout Mistakenly feeling as though help has come May be able...
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    Black Poetry : To attend or not to attend

    Always these days coming through for the sake of it Having to debate to myself if I can once more fit in it It being the yearly get together @ that special planned crib Envisioning that soda over there called pib Break while I pop it open for a hydrated breath Then all the soda hits the roof...