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    Black Poetry : Re Membering my Vetrins

    The likeness of adding me as a ultimate survivor While still surviving viewing the amazement of how I got here From the ancestors determined to stand up Now I am forced to stoop down In lines as I feel as though once again I'm steel brown Again re membering my keen needing not wanting our...
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    Black Poetry : How it came off

    (warning maybe gross) Dryed up discolored skin What I spoke of before on my chin Yesterday I felt the persuasion Giving my fruition The OK To remove the shake Glad no red appeared Dark patch natural it may be disappeared Joy Then the realization this is apart of me literally Wondering about...
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    Black Poetry : Rubbin' it out yourself

    Woke up Body is on fire what's up The drains seem to be open Evidence has shown The fading cream isn't working Folks continue to frown my twearking How I come across as I flow Proper language is so so But my Nah cuz begs me to show Off how rubbin' it in can become prayed & ask for Don't stare...
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    Black Poetry : We are here!

    Everything is starting to open up Deposits of success it is what's up Winning our rights for talents God given Tennis, acting, golf, race cars driven By us Looking like us Then everyone including us must stop Feels like a sudden chop Fried w/ cream saltine ******** or a white flour which needs...
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    Black Poetry : Plenty of winners lost yesterday

    Being a season of lost bastards Fatherless are the past winners shuttered Shut down as the first to mistakingly go through first Ignoring the lights shown to not enter this fist All the sudden a ball men gets hit Going through red lights as a protest of this **** Lost to be in the back as usual...
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    Black Poetry : Speaking again for us

    Your youth will come out Not always as a shout Just soon to be about me Subjects seem to be free to see Words spoken generation after generation Ever since our mind was able to feel as obligations The explanation had to get out & about The love of reminising the mindful fruits Exacts being the...
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    Black Poetry : Breaking Out

    Chemicals interfering w/ the bodies natural process Alligator skin being a success Lotions the answer wit the right motion Your hard it gonna cause skin commotions Chemical burn it be for real Better than that rash feel Dry and heal alligator will you stay to remind me
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    Black Poetry : Once Again

    The source has to come Right is coming from The love of too many tums Calm no nastyness chum Gimme some once again I strive to gain A get where I once was Or to be the buzz I'm more susceptible then you been Getting back to my teen When I was just practically dancing on my knee's Drop the...
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    Black Poetry : U got it?

    Child talks about the dislike Feelings are up in the air as a spike Back in the day statements were not made Respect for elders seem to slowly fade Questions of how to find out faster arises Our backs are burdened w/ continuing the family franchises As our children scream About their nerves...
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    Black Poetry : Should I wonder?

    Thanks for the visual! Joyce is the Painter on stage with me. Cool
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    Black Poetry : Unfiltered

    Coming along as fog When the summer bout to warm it up What I really want to say is This is a in between day For a eventual view Time is the mentioning force Ability to control what I know will form As fog fills my mind Then seems of sun abruptly see through The eyes that can see my straight...
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    Black Poetry : .

    Crossing the boarder of love Given the final shove Decisions made to come together As in forever Done w/out being titled Something bout to happen unfiltered
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    Black Poetry : Reconciliation

    Reconcile with the liason Learning how to have the same sun For the whole world Lie these sons as the shield Being yielded in our worldly concile Couldn't be our child The alienation has become real for you Words becoming only lesions on a few I'm sorry is not meant for me As our community...
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    Black Poetry : Should I wonder?

    Is it cotton or pollen Both float through the air as it can Call me crazy For being fuzzy Quickly it floats by you Do you sneeze or chez for our ancestors clue Call it what you may Both live to produce a way Easy does it you say Them hard days in that field of say Oh sounds to be coming slowly...
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    Black Poetry : Asystematic

    Nothing new has been seen to come down with What's been said to have had dealt Excuses given as for excuses to happen When money gets paid to be inside my system But how can I find out to save a life? I have become that one searching outside for a revolutionary I am Asystematically built to be...