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    Black Entertainment : 'ENTER THE DRAGON ACTOR DIES'

    WOW! What a shock. Jim Kelly was my first real crush. Actor, tennis player, martial arts expert, plus cool and good looking to boot. He was very versatile. May he rest in peace.
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    Black People : Great lost of TEENA MARIE at 54

    Rest In Peace Lady T.
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    THEY DID IT!. THE SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS ARE THE MLB WORLD SERIES CHAMPS. It's been a longggggggggggggggg time comin'. Gotta go. I need to worlk on my cough....I think I'll be calling in sick tomorrow (I wish).
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    Black Entertainment : Beautiful Family: Sextuplets!!!

    I originally saw this on facebook. What an absolutely adorable, precious picture. How refreshing and hopeful to see such a beautiful, Black family. :SuN040:
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    Black Sports : HUNT 4 RED OCTOBER

    Scrappy gents Folks been underestimating the Giants for awhile now. First, they weren't supposed to even make it into the playoffs....and they did. Then they weren't supposed to beat the Braves...and they did. Then they weren't supposed to beat the Phillies...and they did. Now most...
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    Black Sports : HUNT 4 RED OCTOBER

    How sweet it is Congratulations to the San Francisco Giants! They did it. Go Giants...:)
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    Black Sports : HUNT 4 RED OCTOBER

    Giants advance Movin' on to meet the Phillies. Go Giants!
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    Black Sports : HUNT 4 RED OCTOBER

    Congrats to the SF Giants, NL West Champions!:welldone:
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    Black Sports : NFL 2009/10

    Go Niners I was wondering when you were going to start the annual football commentary. I thought about putting out a search party for you. Good to see you back in action Rich. That said, I will put in my usual plug for the niners. They're 2 and 1 so far. Maybe Singletary has lit a fire into...
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    Black People : Wayman Tisdale Passes Away

    Wayman Tisdale, former NBA player and jazz musician, succumbs to cancer at age 44... Although I was not familiar with his NBA career, I did follow his music career. He was a talented bassist...
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    Why, thank you Kwabena.

    Why, thank you Kwabena.
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    Black Spirituality Religion : Metaphysical / Occult Movies You Need to See

    Me too...Mathias and the family ain't no joke! How about this one: A Nightmare on Elm Street Genre: Horror Keywords: Nightmare, Gothic, Good vs. Evil Summary: Nancy is having nightmares about a frightening, badly-scarred figure who wears a glove with razor-sharp "finger knives"...
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    Bad Uniforms (really, really bad uniforms) I don't know what years they were in effect but I have seen some hideous ones in my day. Namely: The San Diego Chargers - I understand they were trying to project a ligtening bolt in the sky but powder blue should always be a football fashion faux...
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    Black Sports : NCAA BasketBall 09 March Madness !

    NCAA Championship Congrats to the Tar Heels. They were my favorite all the way through. Turning attention to the women's final - since Stanford was my pick and they got knocked out, guess I will have to take Uconn over Louisville. Anybody else picking tonite's winner?
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    Black Jokes Humor : How Long?

    LOL! :laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh: Toooooooooo funny.