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    Quiet Poetry Lounge : Looking Like Love

    You look good being in love All you are coming through so beautifully Your smile taken to another level Now you know why lovers smile all the time Look at you smiling You can’t even help it You and your love are beautiful Love is a beautiful thing Through your eyes Eyes that have...
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    Black People : NAACP / Democratic Pres Candidates

    I think the real discussion is the inclusion of ourselves in the complete political process. Republicans are in power. The President and the majority of the House and Senate. I'm not saying we should be republicans...I'm saying we should know who Republicans are since they are the ones running...
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    Black People : NAACP / Democratic Pres Candidates

    How big a deal is it to you that four Presidential Candidates did not attend the NAACP Presidential Forum? I don't really think it matters because just as in the last election, black voters vote overwhelmingly for the Democratic Candidate in the general election. I don't suspect that will change...
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    Quiet Poetry Lounge : Your Loving Hand

    Guided by your loving hand She learns of life As she learns to understand She’s figuring out Where she alone is coming from Understanding her smile Learning what it really means to cry She grows as a woman Under your keen and watchful eye Watching her watching you Helping her go...
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    Black People : What I Want

    As NNQueen accurately states, "People won't do the right thing" and that is why Affirmative Action is in place to force the "right thing" to happen. I don't think race is the way to force it. There are better, more effective, and long term strategies that can be enacted to make the right thing...
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    Black Haiku : Recommitment On Higher Ground

    Our steps are careful As we walk on higher ground To slip is to fall But we shall not fall The higher ground we walk on Prevents and protects We're blessed to be here Love, truth, and respect our guide God is here with us He knew we'd be here He planned how we would arrive He's...
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    Black Poetry : Independence Day

    Thank you Poets for feeling this piece.
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    Black Poetry : Independence Day

    America Getting off on a liberty fix For what took place in 1776 For those who left their motherland They came to the new world They shook the Indian hand Set up shop The new world grew Wealth and power the manifestation Needed to cut England loose And all that taxation Telling them...
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    Black People : Supreme Court Decision

    affirmative Action/college admittance Thanks for the comment. I have been in the position to see first hand how companies look at where a black applicant went to school and determine if that student was admitted based on race. I agree that diversity is to the benefit of a schools total...
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    Black People : Supreme Court Decision

    If I'm a black person with an undergraduate degree considering a career in Law... do I really want to enroll in a law school where I'll be looked at as someone who got in just because I'm black or the criteria for me was lower than it is for everyone else. Do I want that stigma? Will law firms...
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    Quiet Poetry Lounge : In the Morning

    in the morning when the day is new butterflies wash themselves in sunshine and dew this is the time I love being with you in the morning gone are the stars following the moon to places out of touch out of sight our partners in love through the moans of the night in the morning...
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    Quiet Poetry Lounge : Through The Night

    Thank you Poets. Your words as always are very much appreciated. Thanks for feeling me.
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    Quiet Poetry Lounge : Along The Way

    Beautiful piece. Thank you for sharing. be
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    Quiet Poetry Lounge : Through The Night

    My arms around you Listening to our hearts Smiling Crying Never denying Our perfect passion The state of our souls Covering ground uncharted But forever familiar Necessary Oh so necessary To get there Be there You and I Defining incredible Time took us through Our zone Our...
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    Quiet Poetry Lounge : I Breathe

    Very nice read. Thanks for sharing your walk as youbreathe. be