No tatts. Not planning to get any either. A few piercings, though. Planning a few more. Addicted to body jewelry and reading. I read heavy stuff, nothing fluffy. Refined Earth. Completely living the Culture of the 5% Nation of Gods and Earths. No makeup, no perms, no pants. I don’t show my goodies, but some goodies show themselves. Slowly coming around to jazz. Love Neo-soul and old school Hip Hop (when it was real, conscious and fun). Open-minded. Spoiled rotten. Heavily opinionated. Won’t be in your square if it’s nasty (literally and mentally). I am very pleased with my mirrored reflection. I share my home with a pampered He-cat who is very protective of me. I am trying to regain my fearlessness. Vegetarian (for the most part), seamstress, and professional. I do this (...) a lot. Will mean mugg the hell out of you. I cry often, but in private. I LOVE the ME that I AM!!! I will NOT allow you to change ME. Curiously waiting for 2012. I harbor deep thoughts, big plans and sweet dreams. I have many associates and few friends. I am often silly, but always serious. I work hard. No kids yet, but planning on them. Chinese food scares me, as do horror flicks. I have a seriously natural lifestyle. I love eating at fancy restaurants and recreating their signature dishes in my kitchen. I DESPISE buffets or getting up to get my own food. Polygamy is not an option. I have a lot of shoes and purses; yet I will buy more if I find some I like. I am never thinking about what you think I should be thinking. I do not like ‘staying in’. I am always armed and might snap at any moment. I meditate and am tall for my height. What do you have for me?
November 10
Metro ATL
Don't Ask