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    Black People Politics : South Florida is worse for blacks

    It's looking real bad down here, the immigrants are taking over and no one cares. They taking the jobs, you name it they control it and have nerves to act arrogant. I regret coming here every day. They act like we suppose to be scared or take their rude behavior in which I refuse to take...
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    Black Money Business Jobs : Who would be interested in a financial literacy study group here at Destee?

    I would because it will help me out a lot especially when it comes to self sustainable ways to make money. I'm tired of getting almost begging for the job to achieve someone else's dreams.
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    Black Money Business Jobs : Group Economics:Will It Happen?

    My thoughts are it might never happen because I don't see how it will work. We are too self centered and conditioned to compete against each other.That's just my thoughts about it; even though I see others do it Well I ramble enough and it really not my place to suggest anything; what are your...
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    Black People : Racism: Trending Topic of 2017, 2018, 2019

    It is like you have it everywhere now but it's not as bad. I thought my hometown was bad, but it's kind of worse in Florida. It is only in certain parts of it though.
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    Black Money Business Jobs : Why is there no thread about Economics?

    I mean a category for Black Economics in This forum? We need it because we are not getting help from our government. Other groups have theirs why cant we? Are we destined to be in the condition we are in or can we change it?
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    Black People : A boiling pot in the South

    I just relocated to Florida and it's messed up down here almost sad. Blacks down here are treated bad. There's no sense of community and it's diluted by immigration especially in Miami. I thought Georgia is bad, here it's worse. You can't get help or find the help you need. There jobs but they...
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    Black People : My own Confusion

    I'm confused by how things has been going as far as the treatment of people. Regardless of where you are from I thought this was America? Institution, Housing, and Economic racism and discrimination is still around My people are still the victims of this and no matter how much attention is...
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    Black People : 2019: My Last Thread and Moving On

    2018, has been a frustrating painful year for me. This year from my observation had been a year Mark with a lot of let downs and disappointments. I have seen signs of a widening crack in our fragile, delusional A view that this country is so diverse and united that All problems are solved...
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    Black People : Is Ignorance The New Norm?

    Hello, This is Mossi Yarobi for UWSDWF CH 77 News. I know and understand that we were once rulers of the world, but here's a mystery a group of people used religion as a trojan horse to steal our real story. Fast Forward to 2018, My people still believe uniting with those who bombed Black Wall...
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    Ghana : Official Language

    :thankyou:Thank you :underground:
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    Ghana : Official Language

    Hi, I am researching and wanted to know what is the official language of Ghana? I am also just preparing for possible relocating. I have a lot to offer, but it is useless here in America. I just looking for places to raise a family and educate my children.
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    Black People : My misguided views: The prediction of the fall Part 2

    I know this is late, but it is going to be very brief. I did not come here to blame or stress anyone out, but the facts speaks for themselves. I just feel something about to happen and it's not good. I try to stay optimistic, happy, relax and carefree, but I see things that are not right and for...
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    Black People : Self Determination/Separation From Whites.

    My brothers and sisters, I see that there's no other way than to separate. We have suffered so much in this country that it will not benefit us staying under this present system. I am not saying leave this land either because we have a stake in this land as well. We do need our own part of this...
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    Black People : My misguided views: The prediction of the fall of our people

    Before I start I will like to note what I am about to say Here are facts that I have researched and I know for a fact Many will disregard my dire warning and refuse the truth, but time Will back my words so, have at it disagree and hate what I say,but History always has a strange way Of...