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    Black People : What Would You Say To Wesley Snipes..

    I wouldn't wait time paper or ink writing a letter to Wesley Snipes's jail bird behind. Let those asian heifers write to him. He was basically saying that most bw he's dated are confrontational and aggressive. I just don't believe that...that's like a bw saying most/all bm she's dated are...
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    Black People : Nearly 40 Percent Of Europeans Suffer Mental Illness

    "Mental illnesses are a major cause of death, disability, and economic burden worldwide and the World Health Organization predicts that by 2020, depression will be the second leading contributor to the global burden of disease across all ages." I guess it's not just Europeans/Whites...
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    Black People : The Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975

    I watched this on Netflix awhile ago. Stokely Carmichael....:) I loved the interview w/ Angela Davis.
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    Health and Wellness : Mysterious Disease in Africa

    Iono People have been acquiring diseases since the beginning of time...I need more evidence I am sure US troops aren't eating or drinking the same thing as these kids and they probably aren't susceptible to the same I am not shocked they don't have it. Like what's the point in...
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    Health and Wellness : Mysterious Disease in Africa

    Very interesting! I want to see what else the CDC has to say about this...
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    Black People : Bobby Brown Explains Why He Left Whitney Houston's Funeral

    That was sad how could they act so childish at a funeral...
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    OldSoul : Important!!!! "Slavery By Another Name" on PBS

    Dang, I missed it.
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    Black People : Counter Racism

    hmmm ok. You obviously have more faith in humanity than I do. lol Good Luck!:rolleyes: I also wonder why this dude is responding to a "study" with a book...why not conduct your own study?
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    Black People : Counter Racism

    SMH...if all it took was a book racism wouldn't exist Do you really think Satoshi Kanazawa is gonna read this book and change his mind about the attractiveness of blk women compared to non-blk women?
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    Black People : Counter Racism

    " I plan to photograph women from all over the country. In addition to raising funds for travel and printing, I plan to hire makeup artists and wardrobe stylists to work with my models." He plans to finish the book this year and publish by March 2013." ...All that just to prove some Asian dude...
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    But their cultures are changing too. I just can't image static culture but maybe if you had complete and total isolation from everyone else. Good Luck!
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    "Sayings? I dont know. we tend to think in terms of common sense which typically sounds like the same nonsense that white people say, just with our own twist. For example, 'You never know". This think what that implies. Me: Yeah, i personally don't wanna repeat White American sayings. I want my...
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    Everybody has culture and all cultures change over time.