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  • :hearthis: Congratulations December 2008 Premium Membership Winners! - Sister LadyBelle (Poetry) - Brother UPTOWNE (Chat) - Sister Astrologer4U (Discussions) - Brother BlackBird (Discussions) :party: :party: :party: :party:

    Congratulations Brother ... Thanks For All The Love !!! :grouphug:


    Thank you Blackbird,

    Like I told you, I really like that name, remember? I wish I could have it, but its already taken:)...Also, I have stolen or copied your little sayings after you finish post-up, of course I use my own, got to give credit where credit is due!

    Clyde.................keeping it moving for his People!

    Now you know this request for friendship, officially, is long over-due. Sorry bird, it took me so long to do it, I just know already that we are friends. I love you Brother!

    Clyde C. Coger, Jr.
    Author, Does Color Matter?
    Greetings Brother Blackbird.....I sent you an email to your other email.....humbly await your response

    Major props for everything you post!

    I found out last night I got Fam with a lil over 400 acres around/between Arkansas/Monroe, LA and need to play an active role in the future concerning that "shale". Many Blessings on your Journey and thanks for sharing
    Brother I emailed you on Tuesday I was just wondering if you received it?
    In case you didnt this is what I said to you

    Peace and many blessings Brother Blackbird.....I posted a question for you in the spirituality forum....I really would like your input

    also, I was reading the thread "blacks and occult power" and I dont know if I read this right but you do readings as well? I have been wanting that done for me for awhile now.....would appreciate your help in this matter

    one last question brother blackbird....I am loving this voudon gnostic workbook...I think I will be going on this path as it speaks to my spirit.....remember I was asking if metu neter was a good starting point? I think voudon speaks to me.....matter of fact I know it...any precautions I need to know?
    Brother blackbird Hotep......was curious as to whether magnetic copper bracelets were good for us.....seeing your response in that thread yanno....
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