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  • Bro blackbird,

    I am going to visit my grandfather's grave site this afternoon - I've been frantically searching for a thread written by u or meta, can u meet me in chat? I need to know what to bring....pleeeeease
    Blackbird, how are you doing my brotha? I know you can't respond back but just wanted to let you know that you are being thought of.

    Brother, I'm trying to close out my posts in the forums, all I need from you right now is a confirmation so we can get started looking at your evidence, whenever you decide on dropping it. Looks like you and Uncle omo are going at it pretty hard which leaves me hanging brother, just confirm my last post is all I ask.

    I have bumped the thread, I have left a link in the shout box for you and now this profile note. If you are going by my name showing, it is another post that needs a repy.

    Greetings Bro BlackBird, I didnt want to detract from your Lion King thread but thought you may be interested in this show too. I saw it last year in London (took the grans who thoroughly enjoyed - cost a small fortune too haha) - although I did have a few reservations b4 seeing it (Germans gathering Afrikans to be in circus!), its theme is Afrika United, albeit for entertainment purposes ;) its good family entertainment, my grans loved it. They are doing a European tour but I think due in the US late 2009.

    Hope you enjoy too

    Afrika Afrika

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