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    Black Poetry : Coming to the Stage

    :qqb015: I was hanging on every word Beautiful expression....... I saw him on that stage....... he gave them his soul but treated home like a gimmick he was good at playing songs but couldn’t live up to lyrics I LOVE THIS PART
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    Black Poetry : Stuff at the Club

    crazy crazy crazy flow I was so feeling this :SuN049:
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    Black Poetry : There Wasn't Enough Room For Me

    Content with life and what it brings Can sometimes blind you to unexpected things Growth and purpose become obsolete When you are falling apart at the seems Maintain they say Ride the waves they say Optimism can be a curse 12 whole years Yes that’s all I knew December 3rd...
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    Black Poetry : SENSUALITY

    Oh how I love this ...It :).....Has Wildly got the best of me
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    Black Poetry : DISCONTINUED

    I need for you to understand what I’m about to say You make me smile but it’s……… fake You leave in the night……. without a trace I want you…… but I don’t You want me……. but you won’t Make it honest Make it true Don’t know why I started Playing this game with u I’m the losing player...
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    Peace Bro Sen-Res thankyou for you friend request welcome to Destee

    Peace Bro Sen-Res thankyou for you friend request welcome to Destee
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    Black Haiku : LOVE IS.....

    a long embrace a kiss upon the face never feelin out of place
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    Black Short Stories : LOVE WITH A WOMAN PART I

    mrs Lady looking forwardto read more ....nice :)
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    HTP .....hey i'm back

    HTP .....hey i'm back
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    htp Ms.Drea ....peace sister :)

    htp Ms.Drea ....peace sister :)
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    Black People : Sistars

    thats what i'm talking bout ...........beautiful sistars
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    Black Relationships : RICHNESS corner of Love

    1. long 2. 10 red and 10 white 3. summon 4. bed 5. asleep 6. long 7. later that day 8. regular 9.intently 10. yes