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    Black Spirituality Religion : Salawa (Karma) and its ramifications for African people according to Vodun part two

    Now that we have talked a little about the nature of salawa, let's talk about the concept of maroonage. First, I'd like to make clear that the principles of salawa and the importance of good character are not only relevant for maroons but for all Africans in general. No matter where African...
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    Black Spirituality Religion : Beginning of a new cycle in Vodun

    The sciences of studying the cosmos and recognizing which deities, (called Hun pronounced "hoon" in Aja language) as well as other spirits and energies are performing what functions in relation to that and human life is called Wezizakpon in Aja culture. Some people may refer to that sort of...
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    African Traditional Religion : Salawa (karma) in Vodun and how it creates Maroons part 1

    The concept of Salawa and its ramifications for Maroons/ how it creates Maroons Part 1 will focus on defining salawa and its function This Aja word has no direct translation to english but it references, among a number of things, the ramifications of living or not living in accord with Divine...
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    Benin : Daagbo of Ouidah being called "His Majesty" and "global leader of Vodun?!?"

    We have seen numerous people referring to the Daagbo of Ouidah as the "global leader of Vodun." And "His Majesty." There are a few things to keep in mind for those who are interested in the priority of Afrikan culture being presented correctly and not wrought with misinformation: first, for...