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    Nigeria : More Than 60 Nigerian Girls And Women Escape Kidnappers

    I am happy for the girls' families. I hope the other group of girls can either escape or get rescued.
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    Ghana : GHANA FOR SALE

    Unfortunately, any African leader that bucks that trend always gets taken out. That was one of the reasons Kwame Nkrumah was overthrown and Capt Thomas Sankara of Burkina Faso was assasinated.
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    Nigeria : The Pain of Mothers In Nigeria

    I just hope the African armies co-operate and successfully launch an operation to rescue those girls alive.
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    Black People : Africa leads the world is fastest growing economies.

    Lets hope the wealth being generated trickles down to the benefit of most people.
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    Ghana : GHANA FOR SALE

    I think several African countries have gone/are going down that route.
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    Black People : Bobby Womack Dead at 70

    RIP brother Womack and thanks for all the great music.
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    Black People Politics : China thinks it can defeat America in battle

    I hate to think of the nuclear winters that would mess up the global climate.
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    Africa : Dating across the African Diaspora

    I suppose a little mutual respect would help.
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    Africa : AFrican languages and learning them.

    A decade later, here is a relevant link: www dot learnigbonow dot com odigba
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    Africa : AFrican languages and learning them.

    Sorry, not at the moment but if I find any links I'll post them. :coffee:
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    Africa : AFrican languages and learning them.
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    Pan-Africanism : Sidi - African Pakistanis in Pakistan

    Hi folks, Here's a link to an article on some of India's Sidi people for anyone who is interested: Regards
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    Pan-Africanism : Sidi - African Pakistanis in Pakistan

    Good day my brethren, Check out the following link on a community of African descent called Sidi. They live in Pakistan and are Afro Pakistanis, living in the provinces of Baluchistan and Sindh, some of them also live in the state of Gujerat in western India, however this...
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    Africa : African Languages

    Bawo ni eyin enyan mi/ how you doin' my people ? Here's some weblinks that might interest you. A website looking at a variety of Nigerian Pidgin English, it shares some similarities with Sierra Leonian Krio, Camerounian pidgin and possibly the Gullah language...