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  • Not sure, but i think it was you

    Haaay Sister!:wave:

    While searching the web i came across some crystal skulls. I'm not sure if it were you who mentioned their passion for skulls, but decided to give you this link just in case.

    These are some really nice ones!


    love you!:love:

    Peace Alexandra:
    Just wanted to say heeey.....I read your post in Meta's thread you are so kind and sweet. I always enjoy your presence as well...thanks so much.
    Alot of times I may not be logged in but I am always reading and trying to keep up. Hope all is well in your universe.

    Alexandra, you are back in black now so I take it that you did not get a chance to read what I said about Bobby and Linda in your private messages? Email me when you get a chance please. Then I will have your email address and be able to respond to you through email.

    I thought you had left me a private message, I must have been really tired when I read the profile message you left me because I thought you had left me a private message. Any way, I answered your question about Bobby and Linda in Private mail. Not that my answer is of a private matter but I have already answered you there so you may as well go and read it in your private messages. Hope all is well.

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