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    Black Christians : Promiscuity

    My views are as follows: People make it extremely hard to be a Christian by placing impossible rules on themselves. Then when they backslide it is hard for them to understand why they did. As long as you are in the flesh you are subject to the flesh. The question becomes have you learned to...

    Black Poetry : Happy Earthday 1Poetsought

    Happy Earth Day Bruh I hope you enjoy it.

    Black Poetry : 'Cuz I'm Black

    I like the way you laid this piece out to canvas Goddess. Keep the pen flowing..

    Black Poetry : THE SPORTING NEWS

    I like the flow of this piece poet.

    Black Poetry : 2 FATHERS TO WATCH OVER ME

    As a reader you made me feel like I was right their along with you as these events were unfolding. I like the flow of this piece poet nicely done.

    Black Poetry : Invitation 2 Luv

    I need to bottle up the magic you created with this piece and sell it on the market. I could make a fortune. Nicely done poet continue to let the pen flow.

    Black Poetry : POETS HELP ME PLEASE!!!

    Continue to let the pen flow poet.

    Black People : Can You Answer These 3 Questions Posed by A Racist?

    Hotep, If the Egyptians were black what happened to them in all of their power and intelligence? Answer: The Egyptians fall from dominance was a direct result of conquers. The nation was in perfect harmony until the European influence was introduced. How did the cave dwelling white...

    Black People : Chess anyone?

    Its been a long time since I have been back home which explains how I missed this thread. Im up for a game of chess as well.
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    Black Spirituality Religion : Why look to Biblical Proverbs When They are Haphazardly Copied From Our Own???

    Hotep Excellent posting, It is often said that practice makes perfect. However that is incorrect "Practice doesn't make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect." Take the chains off your brains that were installed by wrong teaching, endoctrination and chatel slavery. Ase' Ahmose...
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    Black Poetry : What am I doing

    Nicely done poet I can feel the pain that you are conveying in this piece.
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    Black Poetry : It Ain't REAL...

    You have created yet another master piece. This is a piece i can dig my brutha.
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    Black Poetry : New Chapter another page 07

    I like the way you laid this piece to canvas. Excellent flow poet.
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    Black People : lost my job

    Hotep, Im with you on this issue. I lost my job three weeks ago as the result of a hostile take over, but Im going into my second week on my new job. It is important that when life hits you hard that you remember the creator is right their with you guiding and protecting you along with the...
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    Black Poetry : HindSight

    Hotep Goddess, I like the vision you had with this piece. Keep expressing and most of all learn with each lesson. Ase'