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    Law Forum : Donald Trump Impeachment

    Impeachment hearing reaches crescendo.
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    Africa : Westerners Getting Kidnapped in Africa

    I also don’t believe that when an American thinks of going for holiday, the first place he thinks about is North Korea. And when they are caught doing whatever underground activities they went to do there, the media here spins stories of how innocent tourists are being mistreated by a brutal...
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    Africa : Westerners Getting Kidnapped in Africa

    Its an amazing story. Not surprising then that big corporations like it in Africa because they can go there with their “security contractors” to make sure their operations remain secret.
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    Africa : Westerners Getting Kidnapped in Africa

    When I read about foreigners getting kidnapped in Africa, I always suspect we are not being told the whole story. Africans are known for their hospitality to visitors. The case featured here about an Italian lady allegedly kidnapped in Kenya proves that not everything we read about Africa is...
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    Black Positive People : A Black Woman who was given three days to live at birth graduates from college

    “Harris was born with several issues, including brittle bones, and has since had multiple fractures and several surgeries.” I followed your link to the original article. Very inspiring story. May Ms Harris achieve all her dreams, and more!