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  • AAlicia25,

    Did you come in today(Sunday), or were my eyes playing tricks on me, or maybe it could have been my mind. I have no way of knowing, all I know is that I saw you, briefly, and then you disappeared. So, you did understand my explanation offered about same; and are using it:) If I had confidence that you where here, I would shout-out, but since you may not be, I will save it, K:)

    Your most Loyal and True Friend............Clyde C. Coger, Jr.

    Hope you are enjoying/enjoyed the ride! It has been fun, and you deserve it, thanks for being open minded about all this. And most of all, thanks for staying here, at Destee.com, and becoming a Premium Member so quickly! Your Friend for life that will never forsake you....Oh, you have a seat at the Project, when ready!

    Clyde C. Coger, Jr.
    LOL Thank you sister Brotha clyde concerned your head will get too big lolll but you'll find out well enough sistah... Im very secure in myself and I think complimenting our beautiful brethren is much needed and I do enjoy to see my beautiful black representing themselves! So go on and do that thang sistah! LOL :)
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