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    Black Poetry : A Word to the Turd=Trump

    Superbowl, Super-****** throwing Super-passes We bend one knee to the flag cuz they think we are **** coming from our ***** Trazan said unga bunga meaning do do from our butts They fed us Chitterlings {chit/****}and made us slave huts We in slave ships naked defecating on thy self in chains...

    Brother AACOOLDRE : Correlations between Flavius Josephus and the New testament

    Some Correlations Between Flavius Josephus And The New Testament (Roman Piso, 08-03-2000) Hello, I'd like to give you a brief preface for this work. This is what scholars consider solid evidence, but what one must also realize is that this means that this evidence is not arbitrary, but...

    Brother AACOOLDRE : CHAMELEON: The True Story of W. D.Fard By Dr. A.K Arian

    CHAMELEON: The True Story of W. D.Fard By Dr. A.K Arian Book Review By Andre Austin Dr. A.K. Arian has written an excellent biography on W.D. Fard who founded the Nation of Islam in the 1930’s in Detroit, Michigan. He was forced to exile the city after his organization did a ritual voodoo...

    Brother AACOOLDRE : Louis Farrakhan's wives ???

    LOUIS FARRAKHAN’S WIVES??? Book Review By Andre Austin It has been alleged by a former Nation of Islam (NOI) historian Lance Shabazz that Louis Farrakhan has more than one wife and court battles will surface when he dies. In 2015 Lance Shabazz wrote his memoirs: Blood, Sweat & Tears: The...

    Brother AACOOLDRE : Sons of God and Daughters of Man

    THE SONS OF GOD MARRIED THE DAUGHTERS OF MAN: With links to 2 Peter 2, the Letter of Jude and Paul By Andre Austin Gary Greenberg’s explanation of the Sons of Man and daughters of man is reasonable and explains more details on Paul. His theory goes like this in his 101 myths of the bible...

    Brother AACOOLDRE : Letter f Introduction from Dre

    LETTER OF INTRODUCTION Hi my name is Andre Austin I have reached the boiling point of no return. My problems with the government has been building since the 1990’s. I was the youngest black male in the city of Jackson to run for city commissioner in 1994. The local police department...

    Brother AACOOLDRE : Black Power my new book

    INTRODUCTION White people are exercising a gross abundance of power over people of color to enforce a wicked form of inequality over us. Black Power is needed to put an end to it. Black Power is unity. Black Power is cutting off their collaborators in the Black Church and elected...

    Brother AACOOLDRE : Should blacks celebrate the fourth of July

    Should Blacks celebrate the fourth of July? By Andre Austin I've debated for many years about whether I should or shouldn't publish my views on the fourth of...

    Brother AACOOLDRE : The Apostle Paul Soiled Clothes

    THE APOSTLE PAUL SOILED CLOTHES By Andre Austin In my previous letters I’ve provided evidence that the Letters of James and Jude and parts of 2 Peter 2 and Rev chapter 6 were reprimands, spoofs, lampoon and satires of the Apostle Paul. A very important key issue led by the letter of James was...

    Brother AACOOLDRE : Did Luke exaggerate Paul's food distribution

    this is so cool if Paulinus was a spoof on Paul because we could prove that Nero didn't kill paul in the 60's. paulinus is mentioned in conjunction with Lupus who was governor of Alexadria from 71-73AD

    Brother AACOOLDRE : Did Luke exaggerate Paul's food distribution

    DID LUKE EXAGGERATE PAUL FOOD DISTRIUTION By Andre Austin The writings of Luke in the book of Acts do not line up with the writings of Paul concerning food for the poor. The extra Biblical writings found in Josephus’s war of the Jews may help you decide between the hype and the truth. I...

    Brother AACOOLDRE : Bill Maher's use of the N-word

    Dear Bill Maher: Now that all the dust cleared on the recent controversies on the use of the N-word, let me assure you that your Ghetto pass hasn’t been revoked or rescinded. I the Minister of Information of the United States of America Hereby request all whom it may concern to permit...

    Brother AACOOLDRE : When U Love Rome U pay them Taxes: Why Paul was a “Little” Herodian and operative for pagan Rome?

    When U Love Rome U pay them Taxes: Why Paul was a “Little” Herodian and operative for pagan Rome? By Andre Austin The Herod’s ruled over Judea for the Roman government and were responsible for seeing that taxes were collected. In the letter of James is an innuendo attack upon Paul...

    Brother AACOOLDRE : King Saul blamed for famine so was Apostle Saul/Paul

    King Saul blamed for Famine so was Apostle Saul/Paul By Andre Austin To: Joe Atwill From: Andre Austin Subject: Is there Typological elements of King Saul’s Famine in Revelations chapter 6 Thanks to your research in your two books: Caesar’s Messiah and Shakespeare’s Jewish Messiah I...


    Colossians 4:14-15 On Nymphs & Lukewarm 14 Our dear friend Luke, the doctor, and Demas send greetings. 15 Give my greetings to the brothers and sisters at Laodicea, and to Nympha and the church in her house. Bible dictionary says Nymphas means (gift of the nymphs). Nympha isn’t a person but a...