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    Black Poetry : My Brother from another........

    Peace God.... Now why you wanna make me cry... I was so excited to be reading you and the next thing I know my face is got me with this one. I'm so sorry about your lost but I know you know he's always in your heart and I can tell from the words you penned that no matter what he...
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    Black Poetry : Mysterious Traveller (Remix)

    Peace beautiful poetic brotha.... Its been such a loooong time but its still beautiful music to my ears to read YOU! TotalView pretty much broke it down and I am sooo feeln' you. Beautifully Awesome Scribe!!!!!:love: Much Luv & Peace, 4EVER:heart:
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    Black Poetry : Big Draws (The Thong)

    LOL.....too cute! Peace Dre Much Peace & Luv, 4EVER:heart:
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    Black Poetry : intimate word moments

    Peace my sista poet.... You know...this is some kind of beautiful here. All I can say is I luv it...Luv it! Much Peace & Luv, 4EVER:heart:
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    Black Poetry : Finally

    Alrighty then!!!! Peace to all within. Now this is what I have missed soooooo much. Poets flown' and flown' back! Reminds me of the ole dayz when we use to come and play.....yes...yes!!!! Now that I have had my moment in I just wanted to say: PoeticChi19: I so enjoyed reading your...
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    Black Poetry : TEXAS TWANG

    Peace my fellow Texas brotha. Your still blown' & flown' ....Nice Joint! Much Peace & Luv, 4EVER:heart:
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    Black Poetry : Untitled..

    Peace skuder.... Long time no read, but I can see you still have a way with words. This tiny scribe speaks volumes on so many levels. I don't blame you..... I would have took the love and ran too. lol So nice to read you again. Much Peace & Luv, 4EVER:heart:
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    Black Poetry : FLASHBACK

    gsalt....gsalt....Oh my..... I see you still serving the fiyah up in here. I've missed your steamy scribes bunches!!! Much Peace & Luv, 4EVER:heart:
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    Black Poetry : by now

    Peace daroc: You never dissappoint. This is a wonderful scribe. Feeln' you heart and soul on this one. It's amazing what a piece of mail can do. Much Luv & Peace, 4EVER
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    Black Poetry : Happy Birthday RICH!! Let's Do a Poetry Cypher!!!

    Happy Belated Born Day!!! :bday::bday::bday::bday::bday:
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    Black Poetry : Size Matters

    NittyGrit...peace, Words that cut like a knife....(smh) If this is real emotion here, I sure hope you let her read the poem. Bcuz she needs to know she done bucked for real this I felt the emotion in this piece. Very heart felt write! Much Luv & Peace, 4EVER :heart:
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    Black Poetry : Coming to the Stage

    Peace NittyGrit: I have to agree with the posters before me. You really pour this one out. Much Luv & Peace, 4EVER :heart:
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    Black Poetry : Breath out, Breath in

    Peace Harry.... Oh my this write is so lovely. "We hunger for its pulse and starve ‘til it comes, feeding on its impact with a glorious hum, crying when it’s over dripping tears so frail, thinking we’ll never breathe, love again, or inhale." I felt this stanza in my veins as it speaks...
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    Black Poetry : Your eyes are beautiful

    Peace ibraham: Beauty is laced within every word of this write. Beautiful indeed! Much Luv & Peace, ~4EVER
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    Black Poetry : I've

    While you may have been through so many things No matter how good bad or ugly they may seem Its very apparent you still rein Not allowing those things to restrain you Something many people In a similar situation Are unable or could not even begin to do sometimes your mind, life, and...