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    ITS A MIRACLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:

    Okay now that I have gotten that dramatic display out of the way :em0100:

    ummmm but why your sexy pic make me wanna take a sexy pic too shoo LOL

    The pic is bangin my love AND now I can see you AND my words lol THANK YOU SISTERRRRRR LOL
    Droppin in to say hey and love ya sis...wit cha beautiful self ...gotta visit my girl.
    LOL I see you love a sister enough to call on her and check on her

    but you still want me blind up in this piece

    I need to call ms cleo to see the future around your text box LOL

    Yanno what sista you the 2nd person that has told me they not tryin to wast PTO on bein sick lol

    I myself was SENT home LOL

    girllll i could only be super woman for so long smh

    One of the lil freaky brothas in the offiice found himself tryna be "helpful" and guide me to my car and feelin all up on me smh

    honey with a 104 temperature I was too sick to fight back lol

    so remind me to slap him smh now Im mad just thinkin bout it LOL

    at least we know im feelin better

    I cant believe I done typed ALL that in this INVISIBLE BOX

    *sigh* which reminds me... I do still frequently check and read the poets even if I dont ahve the time to respond

    Then i come back later and respond all at once its why my posts can seem so overwhlmening

    I really enjoyed the most recent piece you put up in there it inspired me to pen something :)

    I love pieces that do that... there are the ones that make you think but the ones that motivate you to MOVE and WORK well now ;) goood stuff :)

    lol hmmm Im pressy sure there are some mis pelled words in here but

    you can fix em since you chose the mystery box lol

    i love you sister but we gotta change this lol
    Hey sister!

    Thank you for the love :) and checkin in on ya girl

    LOVE the profile pic you look fly!! !

    But ummm can we talk about how come I cant see my text when i was writin this message

    You work for the CIA now??? LOL

    Ive just been so busy working sister AND i was sick REALLY sick LOL

    But you gon drive me crazy with this invisible text thang smh

    *lookin roun all paranoid like blair witch project* :nuts:
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