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    Black Poetry : MIND BLOWN

    Would you make love to me? Would you caress my heart, my mind And make love to my insecurities? If I told you I want you to make love to me emotionally arresting my soul molding, holding my mentality. If I told you, would you Seduce my being The core that causes my heart to sing In those times...
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    Black Poetry : Bent Until Broken

    Yes! True and real emotions. I feel ya.
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    Black Poetry : DA ReTURN of Bishop & $$Rich$$ (Xtremely)ladies

    Hot and steamy Yet pure delight As I sit in with Bishop or with Rich take a flight. What, no champagne chilling? That is ok, there won't be time to drink Not from a glass anyway, What do you guys think? Will it be alright to once again visit the lighthouse Or spread my wigs and fly?
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    Black Poetry : Freefalling

    You said, "Fall back into my arms and I will catch you." Freefalling like liquid gold being poured to form beauty, glimmering so bright trusting its total release of it's impurities. Not caring where I land yet know if help is needed you will give a hand to break my fall if my wings don't open...
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    Quiet Poetry Lounge : We are onE

    WOW!!!! It has a peacefulness to it. A certainty. Love it Baller just love it.
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    The Front Porch : Ask a white guy anything.....

    on a personal do you feel about mixed dating/marriage? have you ever dated a woman of a brown shade? what did you think? what did you find interesting? what did you not care for? just asking. i have gone out with a wonderful guy who was the sweetest thing. met his...
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    The Front Porch : No You Don't Know Me

    You don't know me...... You really think you do! All I've become? Honey, it wasn't because of you!! You....really....don' It doesn't matter what you say. Don't get it twisted baby, you were always just a click away So, you really think you know me, huh? Naaaaaa, this girl is of...
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    Black Poetry : HANGING ON BY A THREAD

    ME: How do you tell your loved ones you don't ant to live any more? How do you tell God to go on and shut life's open door? How do you just let go and let it all end? How do you continue to live life, when life is no longer considered your friend? Just tell me how. How do you release the...
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    Black Poetry : As We Lay

    **bowing** I am touched by one such as yourself......Bishop. It is oh such an honor to have you speak such words of my work. And so I thank you.
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    Black Poetry : As We Lay

    I want to lay with you till our bodies merge into one not as in love making but as two souls partaking in what being whole is all about. Wrapped so tight that the very breath we breath is in sync with our hearts beating rhythmically together like two drummers while yet knowing who we each are...
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    Black Poetry : NEW FOUND PEACE

    The tears flow and I don't know why its so hard to let go so I continue to hold on. its ashamed I feel so much pain caused by this rain that is not a storm so it won't cause harm inside. And yet they fall No one to call im once again on my own to fend my heart break everytime I think of those...
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    Quiet Poetry Lounge : Do You Know How I Feel?

    Oh Baller Sweet Baller it has been so long Years have passed But no love is gone I remember those days of yesteryear Of when we met and life was clear My Baller My Baller I've searched you Looking high and low But yet without a clue. and now here you are Baller My Baller Im glad I found you...
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    Black Poetry : Acceptance

    I am one saved to serve Your every need Your every desire feeding your heart mind and soul Beholding your being The very core of it all..... You Sitting yet high up in your tower Yet I see waiting for me Is the champagne still on ice The rug yet cover the floor Where we once........ oh right...