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    Black Poetry : Bottom Up (for RICH)

    Bottom Up ^^^^^^^^^ Rock bottom ain't, never felt so good booming bass ((shook)) the hood Cops run amuck in the neighborhood without their hoods (it's all good) Block party politics in the hood hard knocks are part of it (we' still good) Good to go... with what we came ~ all of...
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    Black Poetry : The Origin of Song

    The Origin of Song <<<<<<<<>>>>>>>> Long before the spoken word song was sung by birds Jazz was heard by Monk and Byrd who played the notes unheard R&B, Classical, Coltrane's Love Supreme Beatles in the mix... Hip Hop hyped by hicks No dirge is played for Jazz the Genesis of jam legacy...
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    Black Poetry : Write Happy

    Write Happy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am downright happy writing happy ain't no use in being cranky can't cut loose ~ with hair this nappy... folks may think my angst too blacky Darryl Abdu Omari aka 1poetsought ~ woke
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    Black Poetry : A Many faceted Jewel

    A Many faceted Jewel ~ *************************** Still in jammies rollin' like I'm prone to do I thought I'd be a party to you ~ button down the hatches those for making LoVe you many faceted j-e-w-e-l Get your bangin' body on the dance floor illuminating life How somebody got to be who we...
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    Black Poetry : O' Time

    O' Time *********** Tired everybody' try'na front see ~ working at a hobby don't impress ME since the time of mummies crash tests were for dummies ugly ain't so pretty universally should you have the time... hook up with a rhyme it would be a crime to deny you Darryl Abdu Omari...
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    Black Poetry : Scribe Vibes ~

    Scribe Vibes ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~~ The third person that someone time... forgot to get the memo to Understand the rest is history existing in the near and dear We know the awful truth long division may not be our suit meanwhile self-destruction appears to suit us Take for example our oftentimes...
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    Black Poetry : The Master's Hand

    The Master’s Hand *********************** Ain’t nothing that Love won’t do to love you, you and you the worst truth love can do is to LOVE in spite of you when the enemy condescends unfriendly is to no end... my fellow man be damned mellow ain’t the fellow I am double trouble body cams...
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    Black Poetry : SUDAN

    SUDAN !!!!!!!!! Beautiful beyond recognition colorful nonetheless people of Sudan are struggling starving, I recollect... Black is the darkest hope strengthened by a will impossible to alienate thirsty if you will... Sudan is emblematic ~ of every poignant ill a wonder of the world's...
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    Black Poetry : Lover's Lament

    Lover's Lament *************** God of Love, teach me tonight words to calm a storm nomenclature prose and verse as I visualize pie in the sky solidify the by and by with an all seeing eye ~ given the scope of things where the spirit lives albeit surreal... doesn't bother to keep...
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    Black Poetry : Ain't Into Dark

    Ain't Into Dark ******************* We ain't into dark due to necessary EVIL you come thru representing ill people are we to believe cats are weasels I demonstrate our claim I Am legal ~ I once did a stint now hold the phone freedom has a ring all its own we ain't into dark by happenstance...
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    Black Poetry : Second Chance

    Nary a HARRY I know would let the blues hold 'em down. For a minute though, I thought The Bard had been reborn under a bad sign ~ Love your work Peace
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    Black Poetry : G Street

    G Street ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; New and Improved... Designed to last a lifetime I was just thinking of you, Funny we should meet on G St. Love to meet people indeed Every other person moves me ~ Word on the street Think on your feet May all you peep find what you seek Ain't no good in...
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    Black Poetry : Crown of Thorns

    Crown of Thorns ############## A crown of thorns ~ is the norm when you're born black as men from an African shore kept in bondage behind closed doors Crucified + beyond all cause Women of gods raped and mauled Ostracized... around the world Denied a dignity divinely yours knowing that you...
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    Black Poetry : Sanctimonious Life

    Sanctimonious Life ************************ enjoy life's cup of brew ever mindful of the dream which holds that the lack of Love will set you back a lifetime or two one comes to understand it is not the magic number who knew it wasn't about you... who grew in place of God Darryl...
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    Black Poetry : Come Here Girl

    Destee, thanks. You are a poet in your own right and have a wonderful sense of humor. I love you; as well.