What are the rules?

13 Rules

Rule #1 - Respectful Engagement Required

Respect for yourself, each Member of this community, as well as our peace and purpose.

No disrespect. No personal attacks. No disruptions of our peace.

If in our opinion, you are doing these things, you will be put out.

If you do not know what respect is, not willing to demonstrate it, this is not the place for you.

Our Mission - The Core Foundational Pieces of Destee

Our Historic "First Five Rules"

We Are Not an Adult Babysitting Service - But Will Accommodate You If Necessary

We Will Provide Adult BabySitting Services if You Can't Moderate Yourself

Rule #2 - No Name Calling
It is best to refer to members by the name they registered as, or risk being in violation.

Rule #3 - No Gender War Fights
destee.com was here before any gender war fighting on the Internet. It has not always been.

Our precious space will not be used as a tool in this attack on our people.

The phenomena of this sensationalism is worthy of discussion, but not at the cost of our peace.

Don't Bring Your Gender War Fights Here

No One Member or Topic is Greater Than Our Collective Peace

Rule #4 - No Cursing (poetry and short stories are exempt)
It's not that i don't cuss, it's just that i don't cuss at destee.com, and neither can you.

No cursing in the discussions.

Cursing - Swearing - Expletives - Etc. - Not Allowed

You Must Be Able to Discuss Without Cursing - Poetry Excluded

Banned Words

Rule #5 - No Member's Names in Titles
Putting member's names in titles, often personalizes the discussions, which is a rule violaton (#6 below).

The exception to this is wishing someone happy birthday, or something such as that.

Do Not Put Members Names in Thread Titles

Rule #6 - No Personalizing Discussions
You can't make the discussion about a Member.

This includes speaking on your perception of another's intellect, or lack thereof.

Keep your commentary on the topic, not on a Member.

Rule #7 - No Inhospitable Behavior - Making Others Feel Unwelcome
After being welcomed to all we have your own self, it is a rule violation (and plain disrespectful) to try to deny another the same.

You Have No Right to Make Another Not Feel Welcome Here

Everyone is Welcome Here - Even if Their Opinion is Diametrically Opposed to Yours and Mine

If You Don't Like Who or What is Found Here ... Don't Want To Be Here ... Please Leave

Rule #8 - No Spam - No Overwhelming The Discussions
Posting your own link, promoting your own endeavor, more than once, is considered spam by us.

We allow everyone the opportunity to advertise their endeavor, web site, etc., one time, and anything more is a violation ... unless you are a Premium Member ... which includes leaving a link to your site in every post you make.

Additonally, overwhelming our discussions ... posting lots of threads, or posting to your own threads ... in a short amount of time, is a rule violation ... overwhelming our discussions.

You Cannot Overwhelm the Discussions (Home Page) with Your Threads!

Rule #9 - Descriptive Titles Required in Discussions
If you don't make your thread titles descriptive, we will.

Poetry and short stories are exempt.

Read more here : Descriptive Titles Required in Discussion Forums

Rule #10 - No Staying Here Complaining About How You Don't Like Us
If You Don't Want To Be Here ... Don't Like Who or What is Found Here ... Please Leave

Delete My Posts, Name, Everything!

Rule #11 - Respect People's Property - Include Only a Sentence or Two and a Link
If it is your own property ... your own words ... you are welcome to share as much of it as you would like.

If it is not your property, share only a sentence or two of the work, and a link to where we can read it in its entirety.

If you have the owner's permission ... include it with their property.

Copyright Infringement - STEALING - Is Not Allowed Here!

Rule #12 - When Moderators are Moderating - Stay Out of the Way
When Moderators Are Moderating - Stay Out of the Way

You Want Consistency in our Management - Here It Is

Rule #13 - Study Group Forums - Participate Only If You Believe
Study Group Warning - If You're Disrespectful There - You Lose Your Ability to Post in Those Forums

Can Anyone Ask Questions in the Study Group Forums?
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