Black People Politics : It's Almost As If This Never Happened

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    Ever notice how much gratuitous media coverage is given to the death of a police officer? Just one police officer wrapping his patrol cruiser around a tree is good for minimum a weeks air play.

    Two Virginia State Troopers piloting a marked State Police Bell model 407 helicopter monitoring something in the woods approximately 2.6 miles from this extremely violent (Not riot since 99% of the participants were White mind you) altercation just falls out of the sky, not one mention of the crash, the two troopers, the helicopter, why they were where they were as opposed to where they were directed to hover 23 minutes before impact, nothing about their distinguished careers, nyet, nada, nothing.

    A Bell model 407 helicopter rolling out of Jet Ranger cost a paltry 2.5 million dollars, add on the mandated Commonwealth of Virginia State Police Aviation Package, 4 million dollars. Mind you the NTSB just conveniently released the helicopters sordid crash record back in 2010 but no preliminaries addressing this anomaly, now 7 years later it just falls out of the clear Virginia sky, strange. The NTSB takes about one to possibly two years to release a final determination in any small aviation platform accident but usually releases a preliminary press statement within 72 hours from gaining access to any given crash site, other factors not withstanding. Unless an "externally induced catastrophic event" occurs 99% of pilots can get some signal out for help. There's a whole lot more to this but to address it before the facts is tin foil hat territory. Certain documented behaviors over a period of time become trends, when an inexplicable event disturbs that trend without explanation there has to be a compelling reason. Nuff said.

    I am in no way trying to make a conspiracy theory case here but this seems awful hush hush to me but you decide.